Sponsor a Candle

Sponsor a Candle

Price: £2.50

Your chance to sponsor a Candle at our 2018 event! Purchase a candle and we will send you a numbered Candle Certificate, showing where on the Cobb your candle will be placed.

The General Data Protection Regulation and Candles on the Cobb 2018.
In order to process your purchase or donation you will need to provide us with certain 'Data', namely - name, address and telephone number (and payment mode details), which we are required to keep until our accounts are audited. We will store this data in a secure digital environment and will not share it, nor sell it nor exchange it in any way with a third party, nor allow any third party to access our database other than our auditors. Following completion of Candles on the Cobb 2018 and auditing of our accounts this data will be destroyed.
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