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Below are some of the messages and donations which our team of Candles on the Cobb Riders have received from generous friends, family and supports. Please keep donating here to support their epic 2 day ride from Lands End to Lyme Regis on 20th-21st June. Click on the image above to Donate.

Group / Non-Specific Donations:
Good Luck to all you fantastic people best wishes John & Christina Fry
 – £10
Andrew Hercock – £20
A whole weekend for 200 miles? Bob (Robert Challis) – £20
Steve Voaden – £5
Good Luck everyone! Gilly, Adam, Finn & Freya Clark – £20
Bruce Hogg – £20
Dawn Collins – £40
Ghandy hope you enjoyed yourself mummy in law xx – £15
Stephen Hyde – £10
Esmond Urwin – £20

Andrew Taylor:
Good luck Andy Taylor hope the ride goes well. Best wishes JT & Glen. Manaton Guest House – £50
Good luck Andy (Simon Stephenson) – £10
Thank you to all riders, support staff and sponsors. Here’s a starter to check everything is working properly!
Andy Taylor – £10
Hope it went well, Moya from Fishguard – £5

Wes Dowell:
Mark Doel £20
Well done pal – cracking effort!! Rufus £10
Wes, please do-well! No for real though we’re super prouda you. Lots of love, Chloe and Rhys (In New Zealand) xxxx £5
Caroline Smith (Sew LaDiDa) £20
Friends and Family of Wes Dowell £135

Kelly Stamp:
Good luck Kelly! from Handbag (we can do a few extra miles when you get back, if you’re still not tired) – £10

John Pennington:
Sponsorship from all his friends and family – £120
Great job John Pennington and team. well done (Evan Davidson) – £20
Good work Big Bad JP!!! (Shahnur Miah) – £5
Well Done John (Mary Bohane) – £10

Ed Griffin:
Thank you for the commitment, dedication and great spirit in which you organisers laid on this event. The ride was epic. Ed – £150

Rupert Dixon:
Well done to everybody who took part. It was a great weekend for a worthy cause – i had a blast! Thanks to everyone who planned the ride and supported the riders over the weekend. Rupert – £200

Kelly Smith:
Good luck Kelly! XX (Roger Smith) – £20
Good luck, Kelly Smith, you can do it! (Tim Chandler) £10
Well done Ben & Kelly!! What an amazing achievement… Photos look great too!
From Jodie, Simon & Helen xx – £7.50
To Ben and Kelly Smith Well done on a great ride. – Jonathan and Liz  £10

Ben Sandford-Smith
Well done Ben & Kelly!! What an amazing achievement… Photos look great too!

From Jodie, Simon & Helen xx – £7.50
To Ben and Kelly Smith Well done on a great ride. – Jonathan and Liz  £10
This donation is for Ben Smith’s efforts to complete the ride. – Joe Waldron – New Holland Agriculture  £10

Pete Lowe:
Good on ya’ Peter Lowe…go for it. Adrian – £10
Good luck Pete! xx (Ffion Lowe) – £20
Good Luck Pete Lowe with it all ill be there at the rest campsite with the tent set up and ready! (Tomas Lowe) – £10
All the best Pete, no doubt you will need a few beers afterwards to replenish those calories! (Graham Paterson) – £20
For Pete Lowe, I would do the ride with you but my bike is from Essex and it doesn’t go up hills! Good luck mate. Ian. – £50
In support of Pete Lowe!! Sea sea Seasiders! Alistair Rattenbury – £10
Pete, All the best on the ride, great effort. Stu Ratts – £10

Neil Vincent:
Good luck Neil! Best wishes, Emma, Jon, Jack, Jess & Sam – £10
(Paul Vincent) – £20
For Neil – this is a tremendous effort, I am hugely impressed. Long distance, plenty of hills. Ouch generally. However, I happen to know that rather than a flat fee, you would prefer a complex reward system. So I’ve created the below incentive escalation mechanism…… Now, I wouldn’t want candles to miss out if you don’t finish, so we’ll just agree I’ll put the whole lot up front and you can repay me if you don’t complete your end of the bargain? So good luck! Andy K

For First 92 Miles £0.01 per mile, (£0.92)
For next 40 Miles £0.03 per mile, (£1.20)
For next 20 Miles £0.10 per mile, (£2.00)
For next 10 Miles £0.30 per mile, (£3.00)
For next 5 Miles £0.90 per mile, (£4.50)
For next 2 Miles £2.70 per mile, (£5.40)
For last 1 Mile £8.00 per mile, (£8.00);
Total 170 miles, £25.02

(Andy King) – £25.02
Have a great ride enjoy those hills! Ian and Matilda – £10
Well done Neil, I am impressed! Sophy – £5

Andrew Sharood & Alison Appleby:
Good Luck To Andrew Sharood and Alison Appleby (Michael Vincent) – £25
Good Luck to you both. Jack & Kizzie – £10
Alison Appleby & Andrew Sharood. Best of luck with your great challenge for a very worthy cause. From Sammy – £25
Hope all goes to plan, and you make it all the way back safely. Love Mum and Dad – £35
Good Luck with your ride, from the Marquis of Lorne pub, Nettlecombe – £10
£10 each for Alison Appleby and Andrew Sharood, my friends, good luck to you both and hope all goes well, I will “shoot you” as you come down Broad Street on Sunday! Doug – £20
Good luck, we know you can do it, have fun 🙂 Mark Hoare – £50
Well Done to Andrew Sharood and Alison Appleby, from Chris Clark – £10
Well Done to Andrew Sharood and Alison Appleby, from Dad (John Sharood) – £10
Well Done to Dad (Andrew Sharood) and Alison Appleby, from Maddy Sharood  £2.50

Victoria Barnett:
A great cause Victoria the very best of luck to you and the rest of your team. (Neil Baker) – £25
Good luck Victoria! Love from Hilary and Ashley x – £5

Paul Willis:
Donating for Paul Wallis. Go for it Paul!! Lots of love from Sally and Darren xxx – £10
Good Luck Paul Wallis! Hope it goes well and you don’t get too saddle sore! Emily Jensen & Ashley – £10
For Paul Wallis….. what a boy! What a man! I hardly recognise you!! (Tracey Wakeling) – £10
Good luck Paul Wallace. From Dawn & Pete Blandamer  £10

Andrew Dare:
Well done Andrew Dare! Another great challenge for a worthy cause. Lottie – £10
Good luck Andrew – Tracey Paddon – £10
Good Luck Daddy, looking forward to my celebratory Appletize (with ice and a straw) love Robson xx  £5
Very proud of you love Angie and the munchkins xx – £15
Well Done Andrew Dare. From Mum and Dad – £50
Well done Andrew Dare love Thea, Robson, Granny, Nanny, Emma, Mum £43

Richard Hooper:
Good luck Rich 🙂 (Rob Pitfield) – £20
Well done Richard Hooper, fantastic effort for a very special charity!! From Jessica Bond – £5
Good luck Richard Hooper. From Dawn & Pete Blandamer  £10

Colwin & Gary Way:
To my amazing cousins Colwin and Gary way , so proud of you as always xxxx (Juliet Quick) – £20

Gary Way:
Good luck Gary Way! (Neill Lochhead) – £20

Jason Justin Loveland:
Well done Jason Loveland! Keep those pedals going round! Georgie and Paul x – £10
Jason (or even Justin). Sounds tough to me, so good luck. Enjoy! Love, Mum – £50
Go Jason, think you look incredible in that cycle jersey! Justin – £40
Justin ‘Jason’ Loveland: What a huge effort – hope the legs hold out. Best wishes, Monica – £20
170 miles in two days… not my idea of fun! Go, go go! Amber x – £25
Well done, cuz ‘Jason’! – Helen Challis – £10
Have a great ride enjoy those hills! Ian and Matilda – £10
Well done Justin, I am impressed! Sophy – £5

James Cole:
To James Cole (Who is this Ed?) Enjoy the scenery – you should have done CTC with us to prepare….
Good effort (Jim Bass)
 – £10
James, Ed… whatever your current label! well done on your amazing effort for such a great cause. I’ve realised that possibly the easiest way of moving a bicycle is not by getting it into or onto a car but by riding on it!! You will maybe disagree by the end of your ride? (Jane Mostyn)  £5
Good luck James Cole and all the other riders. Love from Amy, Justin and Jasmine xxx – £20

Sean Davies:
Good luck to Sean Davies & to the rest of the Crew! Love from Louise, Oliver & Harriet xxx – £25
Make sure you pack the Vaseline, Sean Davies! Good luck from The Montys!! X – £10
Great riding Sean. Well done and well done all. Love Mum. – £100
Go Go Go Uncle Sean! We’re sure there’ll be more than a little beer at the end, maybe a carafe! Wishing you speedy legs and lots of luck, Richie, Vicky and Edwardo xxxxxx – £20
Congrats to you all! What an achievement. Well done Sean. x (Katie Robinson) £10
Well done Sean, love from the Bradleys. x – £20
Well done Sean, love the Holbens x  £20

Thomas Galvin
Pedal Tubby, pedal!! – Alice Galvin  £20


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